• svk10 type h vacuum cleaner

    Full vacuum cleaner servicing available at our Brighton service centre.  

    Generous Discounts Available. Please note that prices and specifications listed on this site should only be taken as a guide.

  • mancuna valve

    Mancuna Valve – a low cost air tight seal for hoppers or dust collection operating under negative pressure.

    Automatic operation and requires no power.

  • aircraft ruc sac vacuum cleaner

    RSV130 Ruck Sac Aircraft Type Vacuum Cleaner.

    Ergonomically designed harness system providing operator comfort and mobility. .

Industrial and Commercial Vacuum Cleaner Range

Dry Vacuum Cleaners

dry vacuumRange from our Model SVK10 1kw 110-240 volt single phase with 10 litre holding capacity up to Model SVK110 with a holding capacity of 110 litre fitted with Single Twin or Triple motors.

Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaners 

wet and dry vacuumRange from our SVK13 1kw 110-115-240 volt single phase with approximately 15 litre holding capacity up to our SVK110 110 litre capacity fitted with Triple Motors.

Options include Drain Valve & Fixed Floor Nozzle.

Compressed Air Machines 

compressed air vacuumModels are available for Dry use only, Wet & Dry, Type "H" for Hazardous Materials, ideal for working in area's where electricity is not available or for working in potentially explosive areas.

All machines are tested to ATEX regulations   11 2 G D 11C 500 C (T6). Dry Airvacs - Category 2 (gas 1/Dust Zone 21) Wet & Dry Airvacs - Category 2 (Gas 1/Dust Zone 21) Type "H" Airvacs - Category 2 (Gas1/Dust Zone 21)Zone 2. 

We also offer a selection of compressed air hand-held machines.


Type "H" Vacuum Cleaners

type h vacuumOur Type "H" Vacuum Cleaners range from our SVK10 1,000 watt Direct Air Flow Motor, 10 Litre Capacity. Up to our Model SVK45 fitted with Single or Twin 1,000 watt Direct Air Flow Motors.

All our Type "H" machines are designed to collect hazardous materials and incorporates Three Stages of Filtration designed to conform to the Type "H" specification to BS 5415.


Aircraft Type Vacuum Cleaners 

aircraft vacuumRange from our SVK10 1kw 115 volt 400 cycles 10 litre capacity SVK15 115 volt 400 cycles SVK13 Wet & Dry Vacuum 115 volt 400 cycles The Robin Auto bus for carpet and upholstery cleaning on board the aircraft.

We also offer larger wet & dry vacuum cleaners for spillages, blockages etc. 


Swarf Vacuum Cleaner

swarf vacuumThis Machine is specially designed for collecting Chip Swarf and Coolant.

Fitted with Twin 1,000 Watt By-Pass motors, 45 Litre Stainless Steel Canister mounted on a four wheeled trolley with an integral pushing handle.



Battery Powered Vacuum Cleaners

battery vacuumBattery Powered Vacuum Cleaner in line with our Type "H" Vacuum Cleaners excepting with Two 400 watt 24 Volt D.C Direct Air Flow Motors.

Stainless Steel Chassis for the main body and batteries with heavy duty Wheels and castors.

Also available for Dry and Wet & Dry commerical vacuum cleaners.

Battery powered upright floor sweeper ideal for emergency use in offices for collecting Dirt, Dust, Food crumbs etc. 

Chimney Sweep Vacuum Cleaners

chimney vacuumA range of Vacuum Cleaners ideal for Chimney Sweeps from our SVK20 up to the SVK45 Single or Twin Motor, Stainless Steel Canister, Hepa Cartridge Filter, Selection of Filtration Media.

Various options for Disposable Paper Bag or Filter Protectors.



Specialist Vacuum Cleaner

specalist vacuumWe offer a range of Vacuum Cleaners for specialist cleaning applications Diamond Drilling etc we offer a range of solutions to avoid the filters from blinding,

We have designed Dry, Wet & Dry, Type "H" Battery Powered Vacuum Cleaners, Extended Vacuum Cleaners using various size Interceptor Canister with High Efficiency Cyclone Heads, Vacuum Cleaners for De-Ashing Incinerators

Please contact for a bespoke service. . 

Please note that prices and specifications listed on this site should only be taken as a guide. All prices quoted are ex-works and exclusive of VAT.

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