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    Mancuna Valve – a low cost air tight seal for hoppers or dust collection operating under negative pressure.

    Automatic operation and requires no power.

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Mancuna Vacuum Valve

Is a non mechanical pinch type vacuum valve providing a low cost airtight seal for the discharge end of hoppers or any type of dust collector operating under negative pressure.

It is rapidly replacing mechanical type seals such as rotary valves because of the following advantages:

 - Automatic Operation.

- It requires no power.

- The design ensures an absolute seal.

- No mechanical parts to adjust or wear out.

- Replaces expensive mechanical valves.

- Automatically maintains in hopper, or dust collector

Photograph shows 8" & 10" Mancuna Vacuum Valve Casing with Access Panel removed
Mancuna Vacuum Valve with Mild Steel Casing and Funnel, Neoprene & Silicone Rubber Sleeve, Worm Drive Clip 

Construction and Principle of Operation


The basic design of the Mancuna Vacuum Valve consists of two parts only, a flanged steel funnel, and a flexible rubber sleeve.


The sleeve is held in a collapsed condition by the negative pressure under which the dust collector operates.


The weight of the collected material above the valve builds up until the head is sufficient to force it through the valve.


The seal is then automatically re-created. Each size can be supplied with or without a steel housing incorporating a removable panel.


Normally the sleeve consists of Neoprene Rubber which is resistant to most chemicals and will withstand temperatures up to 121°C (250°F).


 For higher temperatures the 8" and 10" sizes can be supplied with sleeves in Silicone Rubber, 205°C maximum (400°F).

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