• svk10 type h vacuum cleaner

    Full vacuum cleaner servicing available at our Brighton service centre.  

    Generous Discounts Available. Please note that prices and specifications listed on this site should only be taken as a guide.

  • mancuna valve

    Mancuna Valve – a low cost air tight seal for hoppers or dust collection operating under negative pressure.

    Automatic operation and requires no power.

  • aircraft ruc sac vacuum cleaner

    RSV130 Ruck Sac Aircraft Type Vacuum Cleaner.

    Ergonomically designed harness system providing operator comfort and mobility. .

Swarf Industrial & Commercial Vacuum Cleaner Range


swarf vacuumThe Swarf Vac is a Portable Unit designed to pick up Engineering Coolant (suds) and Metal Chipping's Swarf. The motor unit is protected by a ball float system to cut off the suction to prevent over filling of the canister with liquid. Around the float cage is a perforated steel filter to prevent swarf being sucked into the vacuum motors. Sitting in the canister is a perforated steel basket with a lifting handle. This basket holds the metal chipping's/swarf. When the basket is lifted out of the canister the liquid drains out. The canister is fitted with a drain hose and stopper to empty the canister of liquid.


Capacity of Canister/Basket:  45 Litres              

No of Motors in Vacuum Head:  2          

(Also available with Single Motor)  

Supply Voltage: 240 volts              

(Also available in 110v and Compressed Air Powered)

Swarf Vac Cyclone 38mm (110V)    £1015.00

Swarf Vac Cyclone 38mm  (240V)   £960.00

Swarf Vac Cyclone 51mm  (110V)   £1031.00

Swarf Vac Cyclone 51mm (240V)    £976.00

Swarf Vac WET 38mm (110V)         £1061.00

Swarf Vac WET 38mm (240V)         £1006.00

Swarf Vac WET 51mm (110V)         £1077.00

Swarf Vac WET 51mm (240V)         £1022.00

Spares & Accessories

removerable swarf bucket

Removeable Swarf Bucket


swarf cannister with trolleyStainless Steel Canister with Trolley and Inlet Chamber

shut off with swarf filterWet Shut Off Assembly with Swarf Filter

swarf drain hose and stopperDrain Hose & Stopper

Please note that prices and specifications listed on this site should only be taken as a guide. All prices quoted are ex-works and exclusive of VAT.

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